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Green Point Wind & Solar is a dealer and installer of solar electric (PV), solar thermal (hot water), and small wind power generation systems. We specialize in high quality residential, commercial, and government installations with a very strong focus on customer service and satisfaction. We strive to provide our customers with the most affordable prices while also delivering the highest quality product.

Now is the time to invest in renewable energy as there are numerous federal and state tax and utility incentives available that substantially bring down the cost to you. Please view our incentives page to learn more about the excellent incentives currently available and visit our pricing pages for example pricing and to see what your net cost may look like with incentives applied.

The professionals at Green Point will help you design and install the ideal renewable energy solution for your needs. Check out our products and services and contact us today to learn how renewable energy can best benefit you.

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TVA is now offering a power generation incentive to buy your solar at $0.12/kWh over retail price!

The effects of the latest stimulus package on Georgia's solar industry

Governor Perdue signs clean energy grants bill HB-473


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